• Vegan

    A plant-based diet that excludes animal meat or aquatic animals and any consumption of products made from animals

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  • vegetarian

    A plant-based diet that includes animal by-products but excludes the consumption of meat from animals & aquatic animals 

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  • Pescatarian

    A vegetarian diet that includes fish or other aquatic animals

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  • ~Sibu

    Just thought i’d say that I really didnt think i would last past day 7 but today is my day 8. I really thought this would be harder but i’m still going and my jeans thy didnt fit last week, now fit perfectly🥺 I feel like a baddie bathong!

    Anyway, keep going💪🏽

  • ~Thandi Mpompo

    I managed to loose approximatley 20 kg just from juicing. It was the hardest 30 days of juice fasting but at the end i got my results. So glad i started.

    push through the uncomfortableness, there is health at the end of it.