About Me

 A Journey of Transformation & Passion for Plant-Based Living 🌱

My Story

Hey there, welcome to the world of HealthyThandi! I'm Thandi, and I’m thrilled to have you here. You might think that I’ve always been this health-conscious, food-loving individual who's all about the plant-based lifestyle. But that's far from the truth. My story begins quite differently.

The Genesis

Growing up in a traditional Black family, food was more about sustenance than exploration. Choices were made for me, and I never had to think about what I was eating. Boarding school, with its limited menu options, was no different. Fast forward to my years at university, and for the first time, I had to ponder: "What do I want to cook?"

The Awakening

That simple question led me down a rabbit hole. I found myself binge-watching Sarah Day and other food influencers. I started researching diet lifestyles I had never heard of, like paleo and vegetarianism. But there was a problem. Even though I was mentally evolving, I was physically bulging. My unhealthy eating habits had caught up with me. One look at the scale and a late 90s kg reading later, I knew something had to change.

The Transformation

So, at the end of 2017, I delved deeper into plant-based diets. Veganism wasn’t just a fad—it aligned with how I felt about food. I decided to live by it, not just for three months but for an entire year. And guess what? It was transformative. By 2018, I was vegan to the core, and I felt better than I ever had.

Sharing the Journey

I knew I wasn’t alone in this transformation, so I decided to bring people along. What started as a small Instagram page to document my meals has grown into HealthyThandi, a robust community where I share knowledge, recipes, and restaurant reviews. From weight loss to battling food disorders, I’ve walked through it all. I'm honored to be part of your life, helping you transform the way you see food and nutrition.

What We Stand For

HealthyThandi is more than a brand—it's a lifestyle, a community, and a platform for transformation. We explore everything from being a flexitarian to a vegan, advocating for balance, and inspiring each other to care for our bodies. Together, we can defy lifestyle diseases and live our best lives.

Join Me

So, are you ready to find your food identity? Are you ready to love cooking again? Are you ready to put your health first? Well, I’m right here to guide you every step of the way.

Wishing you all love, health, and balance,
Thandi 💚

Image of healthythandi at the silo hotel cafe