Traditional coleslaw recipe with more nutritional value

Traditional coleslaw recipe with more nutritional value

Coleslaw is a South African favorite. Growing up, it would be part of the menu at most events, from braai's to 7 colors Sunday kos to weddings; you name it! But I always felt the traditional recipe has always limited the potential a coleslaw salad has in adding more nutritional value to us as a dish, so I decided to experiment a little and came up with this fantastic recipe. What's surprising is that no matter what you add to coleslaw, it always tastes like the same old coleslaw we know. So what do you have to lose by adding more nutrition and getting the same cold coleslaw flavor we all love so much!


This recipe serves 4 people. 



  1. Four medium-sized grated carrots 
  2. half a small purple cabbage
  3. A bunch of fresh kale 
  4. one grated apple 
  5. Vegan mayonnaise 


Optional additional ingredients to add:

  • Raisins- add sweetness to the coleslaw.
  • Broccoli - is great for extra texture, nutrition, and the fiber it brings. 
  • white cabbage 
  • mustard with the mayonnaise 



  1. add all the grated and chopped ingredients to a bowl, add the mayonnaise (and mustard), and mix. 
  2. If you add raisins, mix them in at the end before serving. Enjoy!
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