Coffee and chocolate smoothie

Nut butter & chocolate smoothie

One of my favorite smoothies on earth! I am obsessed 😭.

Let me break it down for you guys! I will show you how to make this in many ways! I love it particularly for the high protein vibes! Let’s go!


  1. 1‑2 cups of milk‑ you can use any milk. However, I recommended you use an unsweetened
  2. milk if you use a plant based milk because we also use dates in this recipe so using a suger added milk will be an over milk on sweetness. Amount of milk you use will depend on how thick or runny you want your smoothie and it will also depend on whether you want to turn this into a smoothie bowl or not.
  3. 1 tablespoon cacao nibs ‑ optional but very much necessary to add a type of texture to the smoothie that’s mind bowling. It has to be nibs if you want that texture effect and not powder.
  4. 1 banana‑ I’d say use a frozen one. If you gonna add ice then it’s fine if you don’t use a frozen one.
  5. Nut butter ‑ okay! Here you have options. I normally mix smoothie peanut butter and almond butter...Yoh! This combo slaps 😍😩. I use a tablespoon of each one. However! You can use only one at a time or use other nut butters as well.
  6. Dates‑ my go to smoothie sweetener. But you can use other things like honey
  7. Extras‑ I love adding my chocolate protein powder to the smoothie ( fuller for longer vibes) and things like chia seeds, flex seed powder and the list goes on.


  1. Add ingredients into blender and blend
  2. Serve immediately and enjoy!


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