Fig smoothie

Fig smoothie

I love figs! And when it’s fig season, It would a crime not to make a fig smoothie.

You will need the following ingredients


  1. Figs ‑ as much as you want. Fresh or frozen. I blend them with the skin on. Figs must be ripe or else just don’t add figs to your smoothies.
  2. Dates‑ you know by now, natures sweetener. So how much you add will depend on you.
  3. 1 banana‑ frozen or not depends on you.
  4. 1 cup Orange juice‑ for control 🤣
  5. Optional‑ nut butter ( I think by now you have picked up that I’m obsessed with nut butters! I put them everywhere! 🙈)
  6. Then milk‑ to help with blending. I used 1 cup or so.


  1. Add ingredients into the blender and blend. The. Enjoy!
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